xNAME : Ingrid Goemans

  xCONTACT_TYPE : parent

  xCOMMENTS : Can't say enough about how wonderful this school is at all levels. From how accommodating they were to schedule driving slots for my son that fit with my hectic single parent schedule ( thank you Naz for your never ending patience), to how kind and patient but also professional Ali the instructor is. My son's confidence and skill blossomed under his tutelage. The help with dropping my son off after his lessons was also amazing. Highly recommend this school.

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"First off I want to thank you for how accommodating Rockyview Driving school has been with always having time to answer questions and in getting our daughter Jordan prepared for her license. From your help to the classroom instruction it was very well received. And second of all I would also like to thank your driving Instructor as he prepared her for her road test which she passed on her first try. Jordan let me know that your instructor was very good and patient and helped her gain confidence with each lesson she did. Thanks to all of you at Rockyview for your efforts"
  ~ Funk-Schaber (Parent)


My experience at Rockyview Driving School was amazing. The driving instructor I had was very friendly and understanding. His calm and encouraging character made it fun to drive and I looked forward to each driving session. I recommend this driving school to anyone and everyone. Keep up the good work!

Mathew Doborta



 The driving instructor(Ali) was awesome, we drove in Airdrie, Crossfield and even downtown Calgary during rush hour. He was very helpful and wasn't controlling at all with his break petal, He only used it when it was necessary. He help me master my difficulties, And even let me takes breaks during our 2 hour sessions. He helped me pass my road test first try. And he takes you on practice road tests. The class room stuff was good too. You also get to schedule your driving whenever works best for you. I would recommend this school to anyone who want to be a responsible, skilled and confident driver!

 Someone who recommends this school!!



xNAME : Conrad Macusi

  xCONTACT_TYPE : student

  xCOMMENTS : All I can say is ..extremely excellent..Those instructors are not after the money, they are very professional. All they want is to learn their students the right way of safe driving. My instructor Amin is awesome without his help and guidance I wouldn't be able to pass my road test. Even up to the last minute before I will take my road test he is coaching me to focus and calm. Couldn't ask for more he taught me everything so that I could pass my exam..Hatts off to you guys.. Highly recommended..I don't even know them personally but they treat me like a family..Thanks to you guys and Rocky view mountain driving school